Press Release

Sentian Solutions, LLC is excited to announce the launch of our new software, developed exclusively for solo attorneys. This Practice Management Software is available for download on any Windows based personal computer. Our 14-day free trial gives attorneys the ability to see how the software createsopportunity’s not only to bill more hours, but add another level of professionalism to any practice.

Sentian Solutions gives attorneys an alternative to the cloud based practice management software, which can only be accessed on the internet. The program saves all client related information in files created on the user’s computer;which allows access to all their client information even if their internet is slow or not available. Because the user can choose which file location to save the information created by Sentian Solutions, they will be able to save to any cloud service, if it’s loaded as a desktop application on their personal computer.

Sentian Solutions will provide management capability in several areas of the users practice.

Client Management:

  • Matters
  • Documents
  • Time Entry
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Dockets
  • Phone calls
  • Emails (Including an Outlook integration)

General Documents:

  • Search
  • Upload
  • Edit

Conflict Checking:

  • Search your data base for names or emails

The purpose of Sentian Solutions is to simplify using practice management software. Thisprogram was designed to make adding and retrieving information easy and fast. From downloading the software to applying it to your practice, using Sentian Solutions will be natural and instinctive. After a 30-minute training attorneys should be able to fully utilize this program.

The choices for practice management software have increased over the years. Sentian Solutions was created not only to be easy for anyone to use, but as an option for solo attorneys who want to add this solution to their practice, but don’t want to store client information on the internet.

Finally, Sentian Solutions is one low cost. At $429.00 this program will increase your billable time and add another level of professionalism to any practice. This price will not only include the software for life, bur customer service for life as well.

We are looking forward to helping you add more value to your legal practice.